How Low Did our Savior Go?

John Flavel helps us to understand the indescribable love of Jesus Christ, a love that moved Him to humble Himself beyond all creaturely imagination. Flavel writes,

For the sun to fall from its sphere, and be degraded into a wandering atom; for an angel to be turned out of heaven, and be converted into a silly fly or worm, had been no such great abasement; for they were but creatures before, and so they would abide still, though in an inferior order or species of creatures. The distance between the highest and lowest species of creatures, is but a finite distance. The angel and the worm dwell not so far asunder. But for the infinite glorious Creator of all things, to become a creature, is a mystery exceeding all human understanding. The distance between God and the highest order of creatures, is an infinite distance. (Flavel, The Fountain of Life Opened Up, Sermon 18: The Necessity of Christ’s Humiliation)